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Python: Essence of programming

Trainer: seventick

Learn the basics of Python as well as attain the functionalities of Python as a language.

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Linguistic: English

Trainer: seventick

The course comprised of three pillars of learning English: Reading, Writing and speaking. We believe the course will come true to your satisfaction irrespective of your level of English as a language.

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emPower people

seventick community

“emPower people”  is a hope for those who crave to learn, explore and still waiting to find help and navigate in order to make their own way in this era of technology and innovation to cope up with the future

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Seventick aims to illuminate the path for those facing educational and visionary challenges, guiding them towards a brighter future. We enhance learning experiences, ensuring a deeper understanding of crucial concepts. At Seventick, our focus is on teaching, emphasizing key aspects, and providing valuable insights for you and your future.

Zahoor Ahmed Achakzai

Founder seventick

Image of the founder of seventick- Zahoor Ahmed Achakzai

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At Seventick, we embrace each day as a new opportunity for learning and discovery. We believe in the continuous pursuit of knowledge and the chance to adopt positive practices for personal growth.

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