Salima Hashmi

Salima Hashmi Salima Hashmi is a Pakistani painter, artist, former college professor, anti nuclear weapon activist, women rights activist and the daughter of urdu poet Faiz ahmed Faiz. she received Pakistan’s ‘Pride of Performance for Arts’ award. She also co-founded Lahore’s Rohtas 2 Gallery, an art gallery featuring works of young artists. Salima Hashmi published a book titled Unveiling the Visible: Lives […]

Dr Shah muhammad Marri

Dr shah muhammad Marri Dr Shah Mohammad Marri has moved far away from the rut; he has been a doctor, pathologist, mentor, teacher, and most of all a prolific translator and writer. He is one of those who, despite their financial constraints, keep producing good work for the benefit of society. His fecundity has neither depleted his energy nor affected […]

Kaleem ullah

Kaleem ullah Kaleem ullah is Pakistan national football palyer hail from chamman, Balochistan. He is the first football player from Pakistan who has played for international clubs including Sunderland AFC. He has played in Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and iraq, world cup qualifiers and Asian games.  His hard work and determination to uplift his skills and play for the country as […]

Air commodore shabbir

Air Cdre.(R) Shabbir Ahmed Khan Air commodore shabbir ahmed khan joined Pakistan Airforce and participated in 1965 indo-paksitan war. He has served as director staff Air war college, Commandant PAF academy, Base commander PAF Fasial airbase. The officer retired in 1977. Mr. shabbir ahmed has done a phenomenal job in terms of development in the society, completed several big projects […]

Ahmed farooq bazai

Ahmed Farooq bazai Mr Ahmed Farooq Bazai hail origianlly from Quetta, had schooling in Quetta and then went to NED(karachi) for higher education. He did his masters from university of Michigan and has worked with several renowned national and international organizations across the globe Mr. Bazai joined Buitems in 2007 and is still the acting vice chancellor of Balochistan university […]

Zmarak khan Achakzai

Zmarak khan Achakzai Mr. Achakzai is a Pakistani politician who is the current Provincial Minister of Balochistan for Agriculture and Cooperatives, in office since 30 August 2018. He is from Killah abdullah, Balochistan and has been selected three times for the provincial assembly.  Zmarak khan achakzai is renowned for welfare work and empowering the strengths and capabilities of youth. He […]

Aman ullah Nasar

Aman ullah Nasar Aman ullah nasar is writer, actor and social media activist from Balochistan. He is providing his services to uproot virtual, cultural and humanitarian virtues in the people of the region through the screen from decades. Aman ullah has performed several renowned Pashto tv serial and short series which are still being watched after decades. Mr. Nasar has […]

Jinnah’s Pakistan

Qaid e Azam Muhammad ali Jinnah’s vision was to establish a separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent where every citizen could live according to their religion, civilization, tradition and equal rights. A vision which happened to be the consequence of the biggest migration ever occurred in the history. A vision which succumbed huge number of sacrifices in every aspect […]

There is no Covid-19!

Hope is a very helping entity in catastrophe and it may help more when mixes with negligence and ignorance. In terms of Covid-19 Pakistan has lot of it in the bucket as for as the national health providing capacity is concerned. But, two plus two is four and hope can not make it five. Now Its upto the viewer of […]