Microsoft: Tech Giant

Microsoft: Tech Giant Microsoft corporation is the leading developer of personnel-computer based software systems and application. The term micro-soft is the combination of two words microcomputers and software. In January 1975, Paul Allen read an article in Popular Electronics magazine about the Altair 8800 microcomputer and showed it to Bill Gates. Gates called MITS, makers of the Altair, and offered his and […]

Make money online

”Any one who keeps learning, stay young” The recent era is said to be technology driven and is responsible for many innovative  prospects in which we are living. The opportunities which this revolution has brought with itself also reflects the rising competition. If you are thinking for a short cut being Netizens to make money then you are probably on […]

Urdu books recommended

A catalogue of five books in Urdu are recommended for reading irrespective of which intellectual prospect you posses. They are based on the recommendation of seventick society solely. Shahab Nama Author: Qudrat ullah Shahab the book is  is an Urdu autobiography by renowned Pakistani writer and diplomat Qudrat Ullah Shahab. It is an eyewitness account of the background of the subcontinent’s Muslims’ independence […]

Python vs. R vs. SAS

We will compare the three languages based on the following aspects: Availability / Cost Ease of learning Data handling capabilities Graphical capabilities Advancements in tool Job scenario Deep Learning Support Customer service support and Community SAS : SAS has been the undisputed market leader in commercial analytics space. The software offers huge array of statistical functions, has good GUI (Enterprise Guide […]

Data science and Machine learning tools

Data science is a vast spectrum and each of its domains requires handling of data in a unique way that leads many analysts/data scientists into confusion. And if you’re a business leader, you would come across crucial questions regarding the tools you and your company choose as it might have a long term impact. When we have data ranging from […]

pakistan universities ranking 2021

PAKISTAN TOP INSTITUTIONS RANKING 2021-22  Ranking                                                                Institution  501-600 Quid-i-Azam university   601-800 Abdul wali khan university 601-800 Government college university Faisalabad 601-800 Hazara university Mansehra 601-800 International Islamic university […]