Amazing websites: Part 0

Following are the top websites from the catalogue which will help you one way or another! Synthesia: Say goodbye to cameras, microphones, and actors. Create professional AI videos from text in 50+ languages. Synthesia saves you money, time and quite some nerves. It’s a text-to-speech platform.                              […]

Artificial intelligence: Related terms

Does Artificial intelligence stimulate human intelligence? In 1956 Dartmouth conference AI is about teaching machines to learn, adapt and think while enabling them with cognitive capabilities, the complex series of layer of algorithm, using data, can solve problems for better than human. These algorithms can be used to find deep patterns. AI also deals with simulation of intelligence behavior in […]

Boat: data

seventick is a society of great intellectuals and educators who will help you groom your understanding to a new level. We talk about people who are inspirational and read those who are meant to aspirational. Online courses on important subjects and fields are designed by our IT team which are completely free and available. We empower people with technology and […]