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Ahmed farooq bazai

Ahmed farooq bazai

Ahmed Farooq bazai

Mr Ahmed Farooq Bazai hail origianlly from Quetta, had schooling in Quetta and then went to NED(karachi) for higher education. He did his masters from university of Michigan and has worked with several renowned national and international organizations across the globe

Mr. Bazai joined Buitems in 2007 and is still the acting vice chancellor of Balochistan university of information technology engineering and management sciences Quetta. The productive environment, state of the art academic faculty, and the educational virtue speaks of the competent and paves the path to the objective of Mr. VC which is equality in education. He is a member of HEC and has been appointed as the acting chairman of HEC(Higher education commission) Pakistan on May-8,2021.

His educational background, homecoming from United states of America and services for the community are truly phenomenal and inspirational.

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