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Air commodore shabbir

Air commodore shabbir

Air Cdre.(R) Shabbir Ahmed Khan

Air commodore shabbir ahmed khan joined Pakistan Airforce and participated in 1965 indo-paksitan war. He has served as director staff Air war college, Commandant PAF academy, Base commander PAF Fasial airbase. The officer retired in 1977.

Mr. shabbir ahmed has done a phenomenal job in terms of development in the society, completed several big projects and many in process. He with Pakistan airforce old boys association started an in initiave by the name of his son Rashid ahmed khan who embraced martyrdom in plane crash while saving the citizens. Rashidabad has school by the name Sargodhian spirit trust public school Rashidabad, eye hospital, deaf reach school, citizen foundation, sultan ali campus for visually impaired and several other phenomenal projects which were made possible by Mr. Shabbir and his colleagues. His services for the country and society are truly inspirational. 

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