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seventick is a society of great intellectuals and educators who will help you groom your understanding to a new level. We talk about people who are inspirational and read those who are meant to aspirational.

Online courses on important subjects and fields are designed by our IT team which are completely free and available. We empower people with technology and skills so that they can survive in the future by themselves. information, News, admission guidelines, preparations, and much more at your fingertips.

Seventick is meant to shed light on those who are deprived of education or any future vision and unable to reach the bright side. We refine learning for the people so that they can understand better. Here, we teach, emphasize, and write about what is important for you and your future.

there are several ways someone or you can be the part of seventick. You can volunteer in our program to empower people through technology or help us find inspirational faces. If you have any other specific talent contact with the administrator as soon as possible!

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We at seventick consider every day a new day, providing one more opportunity to learn something new and adapt something good.

Society is the common home for all which we need from birth to death and is important to live life in a very comfortable way with participation in many societal works termed as social work for which one should fulfill his duties to his responsibilities. Society is one of the most integral parts of our life. Among various infrastructures of life society too is one of most under it. Without specific residing area and helping hands around.

The founder, creator and owner of seventick is Zahoor Ahmed Achakzai.

seventick was founded on July 24,2021.

seventick is located at Airport road, Quetta. There are no physical services provided by seventick. All the services are provided and given free of cost through digital means e.g., website, social media platforms and other sessions.

Online courses offered by seventick are: or go to this link,

  • Python essence of programming
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Roadmap to Information technology
  • Linguistics

Society presented by seventick is inspirational, intellectual, proud, caring, and beautiful. We present the mesmerizing works of the renowned individuals, showcase the design of artist, and write about the lives of the people who are the face of our society.

Society inspiration is about knowing the gems around us in more proper way and getting inspired from their work, struggles and life. The core purpose is to acknowledge their works in their own implicit ways and praising their stance for the society.

Aim is to refine the distinguished notions and positive ideas of the people in our society about different facets of life.

Seventick are posted each week after refine selection of writings.

The higher education query house is meant to provide you with all the necessary information, requirements, details, pre-requisites about any field and institution across the country.

How the house works?

There are professionals, experts and experienced people in the seventick community who will provide you with information as well reasons to pursue.

In order to contact with seventick; please contact the administrator through this email: orĀ  call on the number: +92-3352744927