Dr shah muhammad Marri

Dr Shah Mohammad Marri has moved far away from the rut; he has been a doctor, pathologist, mentor, teacher, and most of all a prolific translator and writer. He is one of those who, despite their financial constraints, keep producing good work for the benefit of society. His fecundity has neither depleted his energy nor affected the quality of his writings. Dr Marri bought Pikulin’s book just for a couple of rupees and liked it so much that he started translating it almost immediately. Anyone interested in Baloch culture and history must read this translation by Dr Marri – and thank him .In addition to books on the history of Balochistan, Dr Shah Mohammad Marri has also translated numerous books of literary merit. ‘Gandum ki roti’ (Wheat Bread) is one such Balochi novel that Abdul Sattar Purdeli wrote and Dr Marri translated into Urdu in 2003. His treatise titled ‘Balochistan mein adabi tehreek’ (The literary movement in Balochistan) is a detailed piece of research covering nearly all literary movements and organizations of the past 100 years or so. Mr. Marri is true classic example of inspiration for our society who is spreading peace and enforcing equality through his writing.