Make money online

Make money online

Any one who keeps learning, stay young

The recent era is said to be technology driven and is responsible for many innovative  prospects in which we are living. The opportunities which this revolution has brought with itself also reflects the rising competition. If you are thinking for a short cut being Netizens to make money then you are probably on the right track for it. Hard work, determination and consistency is the name of success when you are dealing with packets. We would recommend you the most successful tracks which have helped people in plethora and would also inform you about the skills which would be in great demand in the near foreseeable future.

If you are unemployed and want to find a window for yourself, or a student who want to make some money for pocket or anyone who wants to learn new skill, these recommendation will surely help you in one way or another.

Explore your Niche 

First and foremost help yourself to realize what are you really good at! When you have find the working prospect start digging the ways to enhance your knowledge for it until you feel comfortable with it.

Practice is the key!

1. Editing 

Editing videos/photos/moments etc, is believe to be the most easiest paid task in online market. Almost anyone who is computer literate can learn the skill and implement it in the practical ways and can earn good money as well. They are online free courses on Coursera, Udemy and YouTube where you can learn. The more you posses the tools for it and are comfortable to use them when required you will get the appraisal.

2. Teach

What could be better then doing what is helping you as well. Everyone craves to learn new things and you can use this as an opportunity to provide your services online and make money by charging for sessions. This will only help your cause but will also enhance you capabilities and knowledge as well. Use local websites to spread the word about your services and do some social engagements.

Professionalism is everything!

3. Web/mobile app development 

These are the most demanded and in use skills on freelancing platforms in the recent era. With the variety and ease content management systems like WordPress and app development apps like firebase provides it is so ease for any one to learn and implement practically in no time. You can give them a try and see if they come to your likeness. These skills can be learned from many sites and portals. YouTube is a great source of information although courses can also be taken from online courses providers.

for Pakistani Netizens: digiskills

4. Virtual Assistant

The demand of Virtual Assistants is increasing in rapid manner all over the world. Almost every business asks for a virtual assistant and skills and services which VAs provides place them in the catalogue of ready Queue. They are different portals online which can help you in plethora to increase your virtual assistant skills and help you to mark you place in the market. If you are good in communication and have the basic knowledge about office work then you should give it a try.

Learn everyday!

5. Graphic designer 

Tell me you love art and designs when you were a child! I would say you were born to be a graphic designer. Learn the important tools like Adobe photoshop, Aftereffect, Lightroom, illustrator etc. Graphic designers are the more demanded people in digital world because everyone acquire a better design and you would be the provider. If you think you can really make some impact on the digital canvas with your bright ideas and notions we recommend you to go for it.


Resources to learn these skills and much more:





LinkedIn Learning


Khan Academy 

Open Culture

MIT opencourseware