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online education:          An alternative

online education: An alternative

Streaming of knowledge through any digital medium using internet which does not involve physical means refers to online education/learning. The pace of time and rapid progress in the domain of technology has evolved the whole process of learning. Education is a basic human right but is always abandoned and neglected in many parts of the country since decades. The acrid past which we posses in terms of education is in odd ubiquitous and truly we need a path for redemption in that sector. Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in irrevocable ways but at the same time it has instigate a bright solution for taking education closer to the deprived.

World has taken the shape of global village which we just witnessed during the pandemic among many other facets. The way nations closed their doors on each other, people suffered and economy collapsed in short period of time is quite unorthodox  and unprecedented, but the only source which kept the strings bonded was the internet. The significance of the Tech era which we just witnessed is about to expand in the near future and we have to be prepared other wise our strings may loose in many ways and in several bonds.

Balochistan is a province, blessed with natural resources, breeding mostly young inhabitants but living poor lives, and is doomed beneath the dark clouds of benightedness. The statistics state that over three quarters of the women population are illiterate and more than two quarters of male have never tasted the treasure of learning. A generation which is in quest of learning and those whose thirst has faded can perceive the knowledge in their own areas. The performance of the past and present government vilifies a very breaking picture in terms of working on the education sector. The sequel of illiteracy in the literate world which is showing its symptoms with the passage of time is perilous for the whole state in particular and the world in general.

Connectivity will not only help in bonding to the whole world but will also make us independent from relying on the resources which are fragile and limited to time. It will enable those who are still waiting to sit in college  as well as shall pave the path of learning for those who can’t afford the price of learning. It can replace the long distances for education, colossal price of physical learning and foremost different learning mechanisms and curriculum which exist in the country while unfortunately taking Balochistan to the Top bottom. Online education will free the students from the confined domains of books and classrooms and will help them to learn, see and explore what globally exists through global means of learning. This process of online learning reciprocates consistency and time but promises successful results in the shape of an educated foreseeable future.

Online education can be savior of many irrevocable consequences which may emerge due to illiteracy in our under developed country. The digital divide which exists needs to be equalized and steps should be taken to improve the digital scenario. The province has witnessed decades of ignorance which have entangled the prosperity and resulted in peace turbulence. The education boost which the province requires is only possible through online education which is not only under our resources but is also easily achievable with determination. The Internet is the digital pen of a student in this era and a basic right according to the UNO(united nation organization). There is a need to introduce blended education system to our generation. The reputable institutions of the world in the likes of MIT open course ware (for two decades), future learn digital education by ministry of education London, Udemy and many others. A Pakistan brick by Latif Ebrahim Jamal is also sustaining the support in the realm for the future world of technology. It is an opportunity to set a different digital stage for learning in this digital world and let no one deprived of education.