Roadmap to IT

The course require no prerequisites and is for every individual who want to learn the bits and bytes of IT. The course takes off from the understanding the hardware of computer system, understanding necessary equipment to the detailed description and in the end the learner would be introduced with the advanced technologies of the future era.

What to know before signing up..

The course Roadmap to it is divided into three stages.

                                                                                     TEST YOUR KNWOLEDGE 

Attempt the quiz to be certain of the level you should peruse the course. The user is advised to attempt single time for one of the specified category. 




All the courses have been selected by qualified IT professionals and computer scientists in order to provide the best path of learning for the individual. Courses are meant to be completed in sequence although if the learners intends to skip a particular course, it would not affect the eligibility of the certificate to be provided by the seventick academy.

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  • Free course
  • Flexible schedule
  • Offline access
  • Free certificate
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Roadmap to IT