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Aim is to refine the distinguished notions and positive ideas of the people in our society about different facets of life.

Sevenstick are posted each week after refine selection of writings.

  1. Hope is a very helping entity in catastrophe and it may help more when mixes with negligence and ignorance. In terms of Covid-19 Pakistan has lot of it in the bucket as for as the national health providing capacity is read the complete article 

  2. Online education will free the students from the confined domains of books and classrooms and will help them to learn, see and explore what globally exists through global means of read the complete article

  3. Growth reciprocates to strength and strength leads to great endeavors. In this phase of life, a person starts to understand life, himself, other creatures, nature, and what has been faded from him in the previous two phases of life. to read the complete article

  4. The leader gave a clear and right vision to the nation in all field of life regarding education as its an important pillar for development of every nation. He clearly said that education will be according to the cultural norms and Islamic values and will of the right time and right type. to read the complete article