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The Joy and Blessings of Ramadan: A Muslim Perspective

The Joy and Blessings of Ramadan: A Muslim Perspective

The significance of Ramadan to Muslims is beyond imagination! Ramadan is an incredibly important month for Muslims and its significance cannot be overstated While it may be true for some, many Muslims eagerly await the arrival of Ramadan two months before its start, and some even begin fasting during the month of Shaban, prior to the sighting of the first crescent moon marking the beginning of Ramadan. In this article I will share my personal views on what Ramadan means to me.

When the first night of Ramadan arrives, Muslims experience an indescribable feeling of joy and happiness, similar to that of a person who finds water in the desert at their death point or a tourist who suddenly finds their lost luggage. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn till sunset, which means refraining from eating and drinking during daylight hours. However, the real meaning of Ramadan goes beyond just abstaining from food and drink.

As human beings, regardless of our religion, we do both good and bad deeds. In Ramadan, Muslims are particularly focused on doing good deeds and avoiding bad ones, although Allah’s commands should be obeyed throughout the year. For example, many people who did not pray Namaz regularly throughout the year begin to worship during Ramadan. Mosques are filled with worshippers from the first day of Ramadan until the end of the month, and you may even see some unfamiliar faces because they were not praying Namaz regularly before Ramadan.

During Ramadan, you will see people generously giving to the poor, such as food, clothes, and money. It is a time when Muslims try to outdo each other in their acts of kindness. Every member of the family gives charity to the poor, regardless of what other family members have given. You will also notice that people speak calmly, treat others with respect, and behave patiently, even if someone does something wrong. They forgive others for the sake of Allah.

Ramadan is a month of Baraka, and you will see many businessmen and shopkeepers reporting sudden increases in their earnings. This is because of the Baraka that comes with Ramadan. You may find that some friends who regularly meet with you throughout the year are no longer available during Ramadan because they are busy with good deeds and worship. Thousands of people worship all night, and it is a joy to hear them cry out to Allah in the middle of the night, seeking forgiveness not just for themselves but for the whole Ummah (Muslim community).

One of the best things about Ramadan is that people gather with their relatives at the time of iftar (breaking the fast) or after Taraweeh (special evening prayers during Ramadan). It is a joy to receive something for iftar from a friend or relative. People prepare vast amounts of iftar food for others to break their fast with, and you will witness a message of unity as people of different colors, races, and tribes come together to eat iftar.

I would like to clarify that the aforementioned practices are commonly observed in almost all Muslim communities. However, there is another side to it as well. During Ramadan, some people engage in leisure activities like playing Ludo or enjoying meals late at night in different hotels, while others remain busy with their daily work. Many people try to complete their work at night and sleep during the day. We should ignore those who do not take advantage of this holy month. It is safe to say that Ramadan is a month of happiness for everyone, including poor, middle-class, and wealthy individuals.

Overall, Ramadan is a month that holds immense spiritual significance for Muslims, and it is a time when they strive to become better human beings by doing good deeds and avoiding bad ones.

About the Author:

Syed Sana Ullah is a student at Balochistan university of IT, Engineering & Management Sciences. He has keen interest and regularly writes about modern Islamic period. He can be reached through email: syedsanaullah19@gmail.com