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There is no Covid-19!

There is no Covid-19!

Hope is a very helping entity in catastrophe and it may help more when mixes with negligence and ignorance. In terms of Covid-19 Pakistan has lot of it in the bucket as for as the national health providing capacity is concerned. But, two plus two is four and hope can not make it five. Now Its upto the viewer of this half filled glass of hope, how he encapsulate keeping the half filled in mind. 

Recently i travelled to my home town(killa abdullah) and witnessed a very unorthodox circumstances in covid-19 perspective. It seemed like the whole district has left their works,jobs,temporary lodges in other territories of the country to enjoy the serene air and beautiful evenings of their home town. Many came from karachi,some fled from the strict laws of the capital and few relieved themselvs from the heat of sukkur.

I was mocked when some of my friends saw me with medical mask on. It was like the whole district of one million inhabitants have decided that there is no such thing like covid-19,its just a fantasy. I stayed there for two days and could not see a single person with medical mask on. Several entertaining activities including football and cricket tournments were in progress. When i asked few about those millions effected and thousand dead and foremost those scenes coming through social media from all over the world they named it a Global game of powerful figures and were asking just one question, have you seen a covid-19 patient with your own eyes?

We Pakistanis know the art of cashing opportunties skillfuly,but dont know the differece between opportunities and moral as well as ethical slaughter.In the name of opportunities we  mix vanity and  informality and trace the vulnerable. The pace of our vains in some circumstances may take us away from both moral and religious peripheries. The holy month of Ramdan proves to be a very opportunistic period for our business related class and when another asset comes in terms of covid-19 then think of a good time ahead. A taxi driver who was taking 10,000/pkr from killa abdullah to Karachi was asking for 28,000/ pkr-quite a fortuity.

Instead of spending millions on spreading awareness through bill boards , enforcing lockdown and telling people to wash their hands i would suggest to show them what is basically going on and what we are dealing with. Until a shop keeper don’t knows the risk of this virus he will try every possible alternative to dodge the authorities and do his business even if its behind shutters. Its a matter of acceptance which is lacking here in Pakistan and don’t exist in my and don’t know in how many other home towns/cities. The enormity of these acts will be palpable and the Government should work on making people to cooperate and understand rather than to enforce because its the battle of care and cooperation and Cleary in that perspective we are LOSING!

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