Urdu books recommended

Urdu books recommended

A catalogue of five books in Urdu are recommended for reading irrespective of which intellectual prospect you posses. They are based on the recommendation of seventick society solely.

Shahab Nama

Author: Qudrat ullah Shahab

the book is  is an Urdu autobiography by renowned Pakistani writer and diplomat Qudrat Ullah Shahab. It is an eyewitness account of the background of the subcontinent’s Muslims’ independence movement and of the demand, establishment and the history of Pakistan. The 1248-page long book was published posthumously in 1987, shortly after Shahab’s death. It is his most notable publication and a bestselling Urdu autobiography.

The book is not only loved by almost all the readers but has a supervision even after decades in Urdu language. Shahab Nama is also mentioned in major profile exam courses and have the reputation of being asked in the interview as well.

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Author: Patras Bukhari

The book contains 11 short stories each of which contains hilarious situations and characteristics. Each essay is a story in itself and posses a unique style of reflecting to our daily lives and situation we face each day.

The book is a must read and has high recommendations by our seventick society. The quality of writing and its adjustments in our daily lives makes it a must read and no 2 recommendation in our catalogue of books.

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Author: Ashfaq Ahmed

The book posses a unique stimuli of love with the language by Ashafaq Ahemd and the way he has described the social issues. He has provoked the asleep notions of the readers through his intellectual questions. The book is one of the most readable books in the history of Urdu literature.

The book is highly recommended for those who posses a background in sociology, political science and has love to explore a divergence of thoughts.

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Author: Bano Qudsia

The book is considered to be the most read book of  Urdu literature. The name anticipate the kingdom of vultures. The book has a unique way of reflecting the uncovered aspects of our society. The book carves several windows of human mind and open up different dimensions of seeing things. In all it is one of the most phenomenal and classical book to read and understand.

The editorial society of seventick strongly recommends this book.


Author: Umera Ahmed

The book has its own way of engulfing the reader until the last word between the line. The plot, the story, the character everything is just fabulous pattered and worth appraisal.

This is the last book in our catalogue of recommended books and we hope you will take something worth remembering from this book. The writer has its own fan base in Pakistan and has several other top rated books as well.

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