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emPower people

Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted


Plan and Roles

Our aim is to reach the students of school and colleges in the rural areas (specifically and urban areas generally) of Balochistan and spread awareness about the significance of technology, usefulness and it’s need in the near future. Different seminars, training sessions and other tech-related activities would be held over the time across the province to attain maximum output from our cause. 

Volunteers would be assigned specific tasks(selected by themselves) after reviewing their registration forms. Tasks assigned may be changed and exchanged between volunteers over time and no such restrictions would be implemented.  

Working and Results

Volunteers would be updated from time to time about the events through a designated portal. The initiative is aimed to reach maximum number of people across the province and share paramount information about their designated fields and knowledge in order to attain bold results. 

Future accomplishments

Awareness about the necessity of technology in the near future and enabling people to attain the basic knowledge and pave the path to a prosper vision is the core purpose of this initiative. We believe that the volunteers will play the vital role to attain this accomplishment over the time.  

Volunteers would be the part of seventick community and likewise would be given opportunities in plethora to showcase their talent and serve the purpose. They would be provided with certificates, achievement awards and above all learning and experiencing environment.