Market strategy of K&N’s

Main purpose:

K&Ns a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistani’s poultry industry started at 1964 with single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of nation, building on years expertise and commitment to food safety, to provide safe and healthy chicken by managing and controlling all stages of production.

Market strategy:

With immense skill and understanding about Pakistan society it was identified by name K&Ns

Advertised on T.V is not only the reason to purchase.

Impulse purchase strategy:

Created image in customer’s mind that they just go to retail shop and cannot resist to buy a product.

  • Well organized stores and website
  • They upload videos on there website of there whole mechanism of processing meat , or food which satisfy the customer
  • In any special events like Ramadan, then they apply sale on different products
  • International franchise like KFC , McDonald, and Nando’s always advertise K&Ns on there food adds.

Targeting different segments:

  • Market like children and vegetarians and working women’s
  • Positive points of its product from customer view point K&Ns is providing healthy food
  • It is easy to cook especially it facilitates the working women because they don’t have much time to make all those things at home
  • They are targeting children as well through fun nuggets so women are using for their children lunch.

Distribution channel strategy:

  • KFC, McDonalds, Nando’s and other franchises all the country