Autonomous weapons

The era in which algorithms decide who lives and who dies is quite a concern for everyone. Slaughterbots, also called “lethal autonomous weapons systems” or “killer robots”, are weapons systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, select, and kill human targets without human intervention. Whereas in the case of unmanned military drones the decision to take life is made remotely by a human operator, in the case […]

Natural Language Processing

Read both speeches (they vary among students), and do the corresponding analysis with IBM Watson. Either you can paste the document or import in order to test the text analysis. Go to IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding Text Analysis Click on >>Input Text<< tab under the “TRY YOUR OWN” option Copy-paste the text of the first speech into the “text-placeholder” […]

The nearest neighbor

Machine learning Win an EXCITING GIFT upon the correct completion of exercise. The idea is to use the very simple principle that users with similar past behavior tend to have similar future behavior. Imagine a music recommendation system that collects data about users’ listening behavior. Let’s say you have listened to 1980s disco music (just for the sake of argument). […]

Why to go for autonomous vehicles

7 reasons we should go for autonomous vehicles. Go to the following link to explore how autonomous vehicles prefer choices. Greater road safety: Automation can help reduce the number of crashes on our roads. Higher levels of autonomy have the potential to reduce risky and dangerous driver behaviors. The greatest promise may be reducing the devastation of impaired driving, […]

Artificial intelligence terms-1

These are some of the important terms related to artificial intelligence and machine learning one should know. Chatbot: a program designed to carry on a conversation with the human user. deep learning: A subcategory of machine learning, deep learning permits hierarchical learning of a large quantity of information. Weak AI: A machine or system that mimics some aspect of human […]