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Project Title   An Automatic speech recognition system for Urdu language   Project Team   1. Dr. Bakhtiar Khan Kasi – Supervisor 2. Miss Hira – Co-Supervisor 3. Maha Kasi – Student 4. Zahoor Ahmed – Student     Collaboration   Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS)  Quetta, Pakistan   Control Automotive & Robotics Lab (CARL) […]


An Automatic Speech recognition system for Urdu language  Objectives 1. To collect and annotate the large Urdu speech corpus2. To build an Automatic speech recognition (ASR) model that could recognize and analyze human speech signals and convert them into text3. A deep neural network-based ASR model that can understand the human voice in the national language of Pakistan (Urdu).4. To […]

Code-mixing in Urdu language

Media (electronic and print media) no doubt has played an effective role in the development of communication but at the same time has increased the phenomenon of code-mixing as being noticed in various researches made in the field. We can say that media is playing a two dimensional role i.e. on one hand it reflects the behavior of the society […]

Market strategy of K&N’s

Main purpose: K&Ns a founding pillar and beacon for Pakistani’s poultry industry started at 1964 with single minded objective of providing better nutrition for health and happiness of nation, building on years expertise and commitment to food safety, to provide safe and healthy chicken by managing and controlling all stages of production. Market strategy: With immense skill and understanding about […]

How to become a Data Analyst – Part 1

I have defines a course-path for anyone who wants to become a data analyst. There are several parts to this journey which involves Terminology, Definitions, Videos and other material. Data is a collection of facts. Data analytics is the science of data. Data analysis and Eco-system of data fits in data analytic. Data analysis: the collection, transformation and organization of […]

Being Political!

Our youth are being led astray into believing that Pakistan is constantly in crisis—both internally and externally—and that we are always going through some sort of existential crisis for a multitude of reasons. The contemporary apolitical movement, which sees a lack of interest in or comprehension of politics as a proof of seriousness, intelligence, grandeur, etc., is one of the […]