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Society is the common home for all which we need from birth to death and is important to live life in a very comfortable way with participation in many societal works termed as social work for which one should fulfill his duties in order to his responsibilities. Society is one of the most integral parts of our life. Among various infrastructures of life society too is one of most under it. Without specific residing area and helping hands around.

Society presented by seventick is inspirational, intellectual, proud, caring and beautiful. We present the mesmerizing works of the renowned individuals, showcase the design of artist, and write about the lives of the  people who are the face of our society.  

society editorial

We  at seventick believe that an educated society is stronger society and for that sharing ones ideas and thoughts can reflects mesmerizing effects on lifestyle of the people. society editorial is platform for everyone who want to read the creative thoughts of people and who want to express their own power of writing to the world. The creativeness which can be brought through reading and writing in the society and ones mind and intellectual thoughts in indeed a phenomenal part of human life.

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society inspiration

inspiration involves changing the way people think and feel about themselves so that they want to take positive actions. It taps into people’s values and desires. seventick faces talk about the challenges they faced in embarking the summits which they dreamt of and face, either personally or collectively, and the possibilities of making a difference. Inspiration appeals to the best aspirations of people, and its underlying, often unspoken message is “You can become what you want to be.” 

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helping hands

In our technology-driven world, we could spend an entire day without physically needing to see or talk to another person. Seeking guidance about your future endeavors from experienced and professionals  is quite a task. seventick society through helping hands is meant to help you through your paths and paves a  creative option from your choices. We have people from all walks of life who wants to share their experiences and give important take away from their lives. in a very short span of time and by answering few credentials you can find a way to see what you were seeking from a long time.

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