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where did I fail?

where did I fail?

Allah almighty has his own way of blessing his creatures especially human being. The way these blessing proceeds and extends one to another with the passage of time is a benevolence by God. Fate is what brings the not foreseeable future, and this is set by the creator long time ago. Our birth initiates the cascade of events expected of us in this world and they depend on our birth in plethora. These dependencies are divided by our society to several classes namely lower, middle and elite class that exaggerated the status of a person who has not yet started walking by himself. To compensate the differences the inhabitants either run boycott movements(racism) or teach equality at school or implement several amends in order to encapsulate the enigma but never ponder on the root cause.

Fortunately, he was free of all these technicalities in his mind till the day he encountered with his fellows in the school where he found out that basically its not just the society, but God too has kept some major differences in people and that is for obvious reasons. And this thought kept its shaping when different minds added different notions about the secrets of life to a premature mind. Obviously, growth was pursuing him, and he was getting to know the society, the people and foremost about God so LEARNING CAN NEVER BE A FAILURE!

Childhood is a very fascinating phase of human life. Most people feel penitent about it in future phases. It is when the nurture of blessings by God comes into realization. The crave of Love and at the same time the feel of its abundance simultaneously revolve around the person. Society do play a vital role, but the subject takes decisions through his own understanding and some help from what he saw and learned in the process.  Grief and frivolous comes hand in hand and the fact that make you realize is quite significant part of childhood.

He was born in a happy family, having four siblings, idealizing the few facts of society and started following the standards of some people as well. There were hopes, degradations, dreams and with that crave and wishes that make him to merge for another part of life which is indeed a more stunning and significant one. He learned to realize and observe in this phase. Although he did come to know about few hiccups but there were more guts in him than those hitches, so absolutely this was not a FAILURE!

Growth reciprocates to strength and strength leads to great endeavors. In this phase of life, a person starts to understand life, himself, other creatures, nature, and what has been faded from him in the previous two phases of life. The element of work, understanding, and planning turns him into a whole different person in himself. This is when the element of questioning things around him comes in his intellectual capability.

He came to know the impact of the previous two segments on his life and get to realize a better/different or feels penitent about them for that matter. This is where he started objecting around things, started arguing on the matters but, those intellectually capabilities should not be considered as FAILURE!

Now you may assume that the later stage of life did not proved to be the ideal one for him. But this is not the case, he spends a very natural life for himself. He thought about the blessings of Allah almighty, experienced the events of the world, felt the exquisiteness of love, realize the significance of care, implement the terms of his understanding and remained true and hopeful throughout his entire life.

He died eventually after going through the processes which all human being experience and left two perspectives behind himself.

There is life to spend, things to enjoy as well as appreciate and that is only possibly if you let the flow through the streams and respect the fate. Every phase of life brings with itself several bricks with itself which eventually comes handy in the future in order to build a greater life. These phases reciprocated the span of time which we realize after learning something from it.

One of the many significant things in life is the factor of possibility. Evolution is expected everywhere and with that there is element of occurrence. The other perspective which he left was the society ponderings, inferior thoughts, judgements and mediocre standards. Society do play a vital role but its our commitments, flow and optimism which keeps our internal self-alive and make us live every phase of life like its meant to be lived.